Banking and Finance

Anasayfa Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance has an important place in the development of national and international trade, and in this context, it finds a wide range of application. Due to the wide product range from commercial, retail loans to various financial contracts, new conflicts arise every day. In addition, the companies applying for trading at the Stock Exchange and the companies that are listed here are required to work with a law firm that has mastered the Capital Markets legislation. In this context, we, as Akkaş & Partners, work to ensure that our clients are able to conduct their business in a regular manner in the areas of Banking, Finance and Capital Market Law that require expertise, with our competent team.

As Akkaş & Partners, we offer the following services in this field:

  • Negotiating financial contracts
  • Preparation of credit agreements on behalf of lender or borrower
  • Preparation and follow-up of the public offering process
  • Islamic banking and finance
  • Legal advice on capital market law