About Us

Akkas&Partners About Us

Values & Principles

While working for our clients, we are always working to be effective and efficient and we are providing reliable, innovative solutions for their legal problems. When providing services, we always keep in touch and inform our clients and keep them up-to-date.

International Service

In addition to our clients’ national needs, we also provide legal services with our liaison offices and collaborations abroad, for the problems and needs they may face in the international arena.

Why Are We Different

We provide our clients with the services and information they need before the disputes emerge, within the scope of preventive and protective advocacy services. In addition, we offer sustainable solutions beyond basic legal services with our lawyers and consultants who have theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Who we are & How we work ?

As Akkaş & Partners, we aim to provide legal consultancy services that our clients will need both within the country and internationally, based on client satisfaction, in the fastest and most effective manner. In this direction, with our dynamic and innovative staff, we are working with all our energy on a 7/24 basis to be on the side of our clients whenever they need. In addition, we offer our clients the services and legal information they need before the disputes arise within the scope of preventive and protective law services.

We provide sustainable and strategic legal solutions to our clients with the help of lawyers and consultants in our team beyond basic legal services thanks to the knowledge we have in legislation, regulations and application. In this context, we determine the priority of our services by identifying the needs of our clients and we strive to provide them with the most effective service by understanding them.

We do not only provide services for the needs of our clients on a national scale, but also provide legal services through our liaison offices abroad and collaborations abroad, for the problems and needs they may experience in the international arena. In addition, our legal consultancy coverage is not limited to national legislation, but it covers a wide range of legal issues, particularly those related to investment and commercial activities of our clients abroad.

As Akkaş & Partners, we are committed to developing and presenting the services we offer in accordance with the changing needs of our clients. In this framework, the legal services we provide to our clients are based on understanding their problems beyond solely answering to their technical questions.